Delivery trading as a business

I am an active trader in the stock market and generally trade in the cash segment as a swing trader.
I want to do stock trading as a business and show my trading income as a business income and not as capital gains.
How can I show trading profits as business income?
I trade through 3 accounts which are mine and my family members.
What are the steps which I should go to show my trading income as business

Hi @mukundgoenka58, currently on Quicko,

  • Your STCG & LTCG can be shown as capital gains (cash segment / swing trading)

  • Intraday and derivative trading is shown as business income

  • You wont be able to show as STCG and LTCG as business income (in our pipeline to introduce under Pro feature)

  • If you want to show your capital gains as business income, you will need to do it on the ITD website- you will have to calculate turnover/ P&L and expenses for these trades.