DICGC insurance bank accounts

DICGC covers upto 5 lakhs per bank .

Query :

Suppose e.g. :

If i have 5 lakh in each accounts in the same BANK in each of the following accounts .

(1) saving account - same PAN
(2) current account- same PAN
(3) company account - different PAN
(4) F.D. account
(5) recurring deposit account
(6) sweep flexi account
(7) minor child account - same pan
(8) minor child account - different pan number
(9) joint account- as a first holder
(10) joint account- as a second holder .


Query :

Are all the above each accounts insured for 5 lakhs separately each and every individually …

Hi @HIREiN ,

No, Rs. 5 lakhs insurance is for a particular account holder, and not each account-wise.

Thus, any funds up to Rs. 5 lakhs deposited in any bank are insured by Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC).