Discrepancy in Form16

My employer has filled my HRA component in “Total amount of any other exemption under section 10” in Part B and “House rent allowance under section 10(13A)” is 0.

When I asked finance guy to get it corrected it, he told me that govt portal is generating wrong info. I think their CA has wrongly filled the info and he is justifying it simply.

Can I face problems in future in case he does not get it rectified? He is very rude.

How can I take it up with IT department?

If your employer has incorrectly reported your HRA details on your Form 16 (Part B), it’s important to address this promptly to avoid potential issues in the future. Ensure you have a copy of your Form 16 where the HRA component is incorrectly reported under “Total amount of any other exemption under section 10”.If possible, document any communication with the finance person or HR regarding your request to correct the error.Clearly communicate to your employer, preferably in writing (email is fine), that there seems to be an error in how the HRA exemption has been reported. Request them to rectify this and issue a corrected Form 16.Provide them with a reasonable deadline to make the correction. This could be within a week or as per your company’s internal timelines for such matters.

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