Do I need to report unlisted shares in ITR?

I bought some unlisted shares this year. Do I need to report it when I file my taxes and if so how can I report it? I haven’t sold them yet and not planning to sell them until they get listed.

Hi @knight

Yes, you need to report the unlisted shares in ITR. You have to report the same in Personal Information << “Part A General” << Unlisted Equity shares. The following details needs to be reported:

  1. Name of the Company
  2. Type of Company (Domestic or Foreign)
  3. PAN of the Company
  4. Number of Shares
  5. Date of purchase
  6. Face Value
  7. Issue /purchase price

Thank you.

What if some listed company delists themselves? Do we still need to mention such holdings anywhere in the ITR?

My understanding is that for the purpose of this reporting , shares listed in foreign exchanges, which are otherwise treated as unlisted shares for the purpose of taxation , are specifically excluded. Can someone please confirm this ?

Hello @NAB

Once the company delist itself, you can book the loss considering sales value as 0 if nothing is received back and report Capital Loss under Schedule Capital Gains.

No need to report under holdings once the shares delist which were listed earlier.

Thank you.

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Hey @RanS

Yes, you are correct. The holdings of shares which are listed on foreign exchanges have to be reported under Schedule FA in a specific format.

Thank you.

Hey @AkashJhaveri ,

The company is still functional, they offered the buyback as well before the delisting, but I chose to remain an investor. In this case, it is required to report them in the unlisted category?

Example: Hexaware