EPFO Registration for new Pvt. ltd company

I have incorporated a Pvt, ltd company in the month of Jan 2022. Upon first time login to using the EPFO establishment sign in option, I see the following notification
"My company has obtained EPFO Registration number at the time of its incorporation though the employment strength has not reached the threshold limit of 20 for applicability of the EPF & MP Act 1952. I understand that my company has to start compliance under the Act once the employment strength reaches 20. I also understand that in case my company does not start the compliance even after reaching the threshold limit of employment EPFO may take appropriate action under the Act on receipt of any complaint or information from members or any third party. "
This is applicable for myself as I do not have any employees currently. The page asks for a agreement file to be uploaded. I am unable to find the sample of this file on the EPFO website or elsewhere. Can someone help me with this?

Hi @Tarun_Bajaj, this seems like an EPFO query, I would suggest you to drop a mail to employerfeedback@epfindia.gov.in and they would be able to assit you better. If you need any help with taxation for the same then we are always here. :blush: