ESIC AND EPFO filings for Pvt Ltd company with zero employees

I’ve started a private limited company in March’21. Currently there are no employees. However EPFO and ESIC registration was done as there was some process that automatically opens EPFO and ESIC accounts as well during incorporation.
Now that the accounts are open, am wondering if there is any filings requirement.
If yes, how do I file EPFO and ESIC returns for a company having no employees.

Can someone hep me out. T
Thanks in advance.

@Aishwarya_Shah @Kaushal_Soni @Saad_C can you help with this?

Hey @Gowtham_Injamuri

Yes, obtaining a PF/ ESI code for any new company is mandatory. Since you dont have any employees, you can file a nil return.

In order to file a NIL return, you can follow these steps:

  1. Login to your EPFO portal
  2. Go to Payments> ECR/ Return Filing
  3. Next, click on “Challan Entry” against the Direct Challan field
  4. Enter the month, select challan type and add the administrative charges as applicable.
  5. A TRRN number would be generated and you can find your draft challan in “Draft Challan List” and make your payment.

You can learn more about making PF payments here:

Hope this helps!

Hi Aishwarya, thanks a lot… This certainly helps.
Can you share similar process for ESIC filing?

Hey @Gowtham_Injamuri

For filing nil ESIC return, you can follow these steps, but make sure to use Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer:

  1. Login to ESIC Portal
  2. From the “Monthly Contribution” tab, click on “File Monthly Contributions”
  3. Select the details like wage month, and download the “Sample MC Excel Template”
  4. In the Excel, enter the data if any.
  5. On ESIC portal, go to “File Monthly Contributions” and click on Upload Excel and submit the return.

To check the status, go to “Monthly Contribution” > “View Contribution History”

Hope this helps!