Expenditure wholly and exclusively in connection with transfer (ONLY for sold shares or for bought&still holding also)

I bought 20 shares 1 of each company and sold 1 share in FY 2022-23 ,
details of sold : sold@632 , bought@1731.7 , expenses related to ONLY this share buying and selling totals to 17.43 (brokerage of buy,sell + dp charge +Stamp Duty+ GST +Exchange Transaction Charges + etc : all excluding STT ) which I found from Contract note of buy and sell dates.
In my P&L report of GROWW , charges r (including brokerage of buy + gst +etc of buying of ALL 20 SHARES including 19 which i still hold):
SEBI Turnover Charges : 0.02
Exchange Transaction Charges :1.67
Stamp Duty:4
TOTAL : 82.65
TOTAL excluding STT : 34.65

What should I enter for:
1. expenditure wholly and exclusively in connection with transfer for cost of acquisition@1731.7 , sell@632 (34.65 : total of P&L report or 34.65+ 15.93 : Dp charge or 17.43 : calculated by own from Contract note INCLUDES dp charge)
2. P&L and Capital gains report does not mention DP charges 13.5+gst=15.93 for share which i SOLD, should i include it in this expenditure section ?
3. decimal figures round off to larger or smaller integer ?
4. Does others brokers P&L and Capital gains report is also similar to groww’s (means no one else is facing the problem i have mentioned here)?

plssss help plsss :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

Hi @harshn

  1. You can claim all the expenses wholly and exclusively in connection with the transfer for cost of acquisition except DP Charges & STT for capital gains.
  2. Decimal less than 0.5 would be rounded off to the lower amount and greater than 0.5 would be rounded off to the higher amount.

hello @Shrutika_Shah ma’am,
1.according to u , i should claim brokerage etc charges for all shares ( not sold also i.e. only bought and still holding) in that place only where i m mentioning cost of acquisition,value of consideration for only 1 share?
2. where should i add these claims? in expenses deductible or cost of acquisition?
3.in this post ( Expenses deductible when calculating capital gains - #28 by Shrutika_Shah ) , u have mentioned that we can claim DP charges by CDSL (13.5+gst=15.93) , kindly clarify should i claim dp charges or not?

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