F&O Trader - Balance Sheet in ITR

F&O Trading profit for FY 2023-24: 20L

I had about 1c with broker (Zerodha) while I was trading.

I stopped trading last year and moved money to my bank account in Middle East (I am an NRI).
Money was moved out in phases.
e.g. 20L in July, 70L in August, 10L in September.

What should I put as Proprietor’s Capital in Balance Sheet? 10L since that was the last bank balance during last Zerodha withdrawal? That would mean Proprietor’s Capital (10L) < Profit (20L). Will that make my return defective?

In last years return, I had put in Proprietor’s Capital as ~1.5c (Zerodha trading account balance + bank balance)

Hey @Pratha,

Yes, you can put in ₹10L as the proprietor’s capital. It will not affect your ITR.