Few things to correct in New Quicko platform

Hi Team,

Expecting genuine reply on this. I know Quicko wanted to make tax filing simplest, but all the testing and transformation should have done well before rather than creating a big chaos in tax filing months.

Its almost end of June, still Quicko is not complete in filing the ITR.
Even though, ITR filing is enabled to some extent, still there are many things not yet opened & working…

I found below issues while filing via Quicko,

  1. Getting few errors in IT portal when uploading JSON created via Quicko.
  2. Filing few ITRs directly via Quicko is still getting some issues
  3. ITR 3 filing is still not enabled
  4. ITD has to be connected at multiple places rather than at one place to fetch all.
  5. Even if ITD is connected, details from IT portal not actually coming and saved.
  6. Many xl sheet upload features are still shown as coming soon…

This above list only few that i had noticed…

Last year, Quicko was good. But this time, it is actually creating a big head ache and making to think and search for any other alternate platforms to file.

Expecting a reply on when these issues can be resolved and expect a timeline when a decent filing can be done.

Hey @sudha_sakthivel,

Thank you for sharing your detailed feedback. We genuinely appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through these challenges.

  1. JSON Errors: Our team is actively working on resolving the JSON errors. Once these issues are fixed, you will be able to e-file via Quicko as well as using the JSON file on the e-filing portal without any issues.
  2. ITR 2 and 3: Filing for ITR 2 and ITR 3 will be enabled early next week. We understand the urgency and are prioritizing this to ensure you can complete your filings on time.
  3. Autofill Feature: The autofill feature is now enabled. We are fetching details from various sources such as the prefill JSON, AIS, and Form 26AS to provide the most accurate data. As a result, autofilling all details at once is not yet possible. Our team is working on enhancing this feature, and it will be live shortly.
  4. Excel Upload Feature: The Excel upload feature is in the pipeline. If you are facing specific issues or need immediate assistance, please reach out to help@quicko.com, and our support team will be happy to assist you.

We understand that this transition has been challenging and apologize for any inconvenience caused. Our goal is to make tax filing as seamless as possible, and we are committed to resolving these issues promptly.

Thanks for giving timelines for each of the major issues. I appreciate that and understand how difficult and challenging this transition is for Quicko.

Pls consider to enable filing of ITR2 & ITR3 before end of June.