Filing of Form 67

When and how do I file a foreign tax credit form 67? Is there any time limit for filing it?

Hi @Dixita

You should file Form 67 before filing your tax returns. Further, you can prepare and submit Form 67 online on your Income Tax Portal. Once you login navigate to E-file > Select other Forms > Select Form 67 and assessment year from the drop-down. For a detailed understanding you can refer to the below article:

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Hi, since USA tax period is Jan to Dec and Indian Tax period is Apr to Mar for filling Form 67, which period has to be considered, Jan 2020 to Dec 2020 or Apr 2020 to Mar 2020. This is for my son.

Hi @nikhil_gujar

While filing Form 67 Indian Tax Period is to be considered. So while filing form 67 it will ask you the Assessment Year to which the income relates and is doubly taxed.

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Thanks for the guidance