Filing of Form 67

When and how do I file a foreign tax credit form 67? Is there any time limit for filing it?

Hi @Dixita

You should file Form 67 before filing your tax returns. Further, you can prepare and submit Form 67 online on your Income Tax Portal. Once you login navigate to E-file > Select other Forms > Select Form 67 and assessment year from the drop-down. For a detailed understanding you can refer to the below article:

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Hi, since USA tax period is Jan to Dec and Indian Tax period is Apr to Mar for filling Form 67, which period has to be considered, Jan 2020 to Dec 2020 or Apr 2020 to Mar 2020. This is for my son.

Hi @nikhil_gujar

While filing Form 67 Indian Tax Period is to be considered. So while filing form 67 it will ask you the Assessment Year to which the income relates and is doubly taxed.

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Thanks for the guidance


Appreciate some guidance.

  1. I came back to India in Jan 2021 from a 3 year stint in the US and I am now a tax RESIDENT of India. (over 60 days in current year and over 365 days in 4 preceding years)
  2. I am now trying to claim TAX relief under DTAA for the tax I paid in USA
  3. Form 67 on the Income Tax website is asking me to provide tax payable under Section 115 JC. Is this mandatory? It looks like this will require a CA
  4. Do I need a TRC to avail this benefit? I am back in India for good and I am not sure about how to go about this

Thanks for helping.

@Divya_Singhvi @Laxmi_Navlani @AkashJhaveri @Saad_C @Kaushal_Soni can you?

Hey @ashish_bhardwaj

Resident tax payers can avail DTAA benefit to claim the credit of taxes paid outside india during the relevant assessment year.

Following documents needs to be maintained availing DTAA benefits:

  1. Tax Residency Certificate
  2. Form 10F
  3. PAN

You can refer below article for more insights of Form 67 filing:

Hope, it helps!

Thanks Kaushal and Nireka for the guidance. Appreciate the help.

For my situation, I have been advised:

  • To file Form 67 only for now
  • If the IT department needs any more information, they will come back and inform

Thanks again.

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Hi Divya / Tax expert ,

Thanks for the clarifications. do we need to show the same earnings and returns in ITR 1 ? in which section , we need to provide these details ?
I was stayed Sweden from 18 Feb 2020 - 3 Oct 2020 on my employment deputation. Since my stay is less than 182 days FY 20-21 in India and my resident status is β€œNRI” ? . Do I need to pay any tax that I earned in abroad ?

Also basically my salary component will be "Indian + Sweden " salary components and both are paid in Sweden that are already taxed in sweden. Also my employer has taxed the Indian salary component for the duration of my stay in sweden. how I can claim the amount that is taxed in India ?