Glyde App suggestion

Not sure if it already does, but a complete, easy to use tax planning tool would be great if available in Glyde app.

Many Salaried people used to plan and also change their tax planning regularly and a convenient, smooth handy app would be very useful.

Hey @haritvsmurali! Thank you for the suggestion. We plan to roll tax planning out soon. It’s good to know that we already have users lined up :grin:

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@nachiketa_vadera @TeamQuicko any specific timeline when can we expect the app to go live?

@haritvsmurali Yes, we do! We plan to go into opt-in early access later today for anyone who wants to try out the app before official release. You can keep up-to-date with all the announcements on our twitter.

@nachiketa_vadera I’m following Quicko’s Twitter account and site as well.

Couldn’t find any option to Sign up for app’s early access still.

Unable to login Glyde app via Mail ID.

OTP Received in mail - 6 digits
OTP Field in App - 4 digits.

@nachiketa_vadera @TeamQuicko

Hey @haritvsmurali. I’ve sent you a private message. You can check your inbox.