Goods/Sectors out of the perview of GST


Which goods/sectors are out of the purview of GST?

Hey @HarshitShah

Goods/sectors that are out of the GST ambit include alcohol and specified petroleum products like petroleum crude, high-speed diesel, motor spirit, aviation turbine fuel and natural gas. Alcohol for human consumption continues to attract state excise duty and VAT. Tobacco and tobacco-based products attract both excise duty and GST. Taxes such as stamp duty, toll tax, road tax, electricity duty etc. are not part of GST.

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Hey @Yesha

What all duties will be levied on the import of goods?

Hey @HarishMehta

Customs duty and cess as applicable along with IGST+ GST compensation cess. IGST and GST compensation cess shall be paid after adding all customs duty and customs cess to the value of imports.

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