GST filing for freelancer - Export of services

1 - Hey, so I got my GST registration in may 24. When I logged in to Opt-in for Quarterly Return it shows the frequency is pre selected as monthly for Q1. Is it possible to change it to quarterly for Q1 now?

2 - I received some old pending payments from Jan-mar 24 in may 24.

Can I account that in this year provided I didnt add it to last years inc since I hadnt recvd it? P.S - didnt had GST last year

Hello @nkb ,

  1. You will have to file monthly return for May’24 and June’24.
    You can then choose the quarterly option (QRMP scheme) from Q2 between the assigned timeline by the GST department i.e. 1st May’24 to 31st July’24.

  1. Yes, you can show it as sales in May’24.