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How do I change the email ID and phone number in a GST registration?

Hey @TanyaChopra

You should identify if the field you want to change is a ‘Core-Field’ or a ‘Non-Core Field’.

The email ID, phone number and bank details are non-core fields. Therefore you can simply change it from the taxpayer’s account on the GST Portal.

Once the GST Registration is done a GST Number or GSTIN is issued to the company and GST registration certificate is issued. After the GST registration, the taxpayer might want to change the details. This process is called- the Amendment of Registration under GST.

Follow these steps to change the registered mobile number and email id using GST Portal.

  • Log in to your account on GST Portal
  • Go to Services →Registration → Amendment of Registration non-core field

  • An application form will be displayed with both core and non-core fields. The non-core fields will be shown in an editable format.
  • Select Promoter / Partner / Authorized Signatory and make the required changes. In your case, it would the email ID and phone number.

  • Click on the verification tab, select the authorized signatory. Now enter the place and sign the application using e-Sign, EVC or DSC.

  • A success message is displayed and an acknowledgement number copy will be sent to your email and mobile, which was earlier registered.
  • If the change/amendment application is left mid-way, then it would be saved automatically as a draft. To access this application: go to Services → User Services → My Saved Application

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for the detailed response @Ridhima_Sharma :slight_smile:


I am looking to buy a mobile phone using my friends GST number. Can you please let me know what kind of things need to consider before doing so? I want to do so getting some discount on my phone purchase.


Hi @Vidya_Dhage

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