GST on Banking services which i have stopped after renewing, so is GST refundable or not?

I have availed locker service since 2 years in Axis bank. this year also they have charged amount with 18% GST for the whole year. but after a week, i have cancelled it. so they reversed me only base amount but not GST. So how will i get that amount? though i have not availed the locker service, the GST was charged from me. After the bank files GST, they should credit that GST amount to me or not? How should i complaint it or ask for this amount?

Hi @Uma,

There are two ways to claim GST:

  1. If you are GST registered, you can file your GST return and claim it as input credit.
  2. If you are not GST registered and running a business, you can claim the GST paid as a business expense if locker service was related to your business.

Hope this helps!

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As a customer who has availed the locker service from Axis Bank for the past two years, you recently opted to cancel the service. Despite the cancellation, you were charged GST at a rate of 18% for the entire year. However, upon cancellation, only the base amount was refunded, without a corresponding refund of the GST component. Given that you did not utilize the locker service for the year in question, it is reasonable to expect a refund of the GST portion as well. To address this discrepancy, you may wish to formally contact Axis Bank’s customer service department or visit a branch to inquire about the process for obtaining a refund of the GST amount erroneously charged.

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thank you very much for the reply. but i am an salaried employee, so dont have GST Registration and no business.