GST Rule regarding the movement of Goods

Hello all,

I have query regarding the document required for the movement of Goods of the below scenario.

We are Imported the material and goods also clear by the customs. but what we are doing is storing the goods to the godown which is own by someone else. and we are paying him a some amount as an Rent for storing the goods.

But Now we required this Goods in our actual Place of business from where goods send to customer.

Can someone please guide me on how this transaction actually should happened and what are the document required for the Movement of goods from warehouse to Business place.

As per suggested by someone, We have to generate the Delivery Challan and the E-way bill with the transaction Type select as “Own Use”. Is it correct way???

Hey @hasmukh,

Yes, the delivery challan and e-way bill are required when you transport goods from the warehouse to the business place. You can select the transaction type as ‘import’ and generate the e-way bill.

Hope this helps!