How do I add carried forward TDS in Quicko's inteface?

I have TDS credit carried forward in last year’s income tax return. How do I claim it this year through Quicko’s interface?

Can I use the add TDS form?

If yes, what do I put into the financial year field 22-23 or 21-22?

Hi @nitish

You cannot claim the previous year’s TDS while filing for the current financial year on Quicko. Hence, you will not be able to add this amount on Quicko.

If any further queries, please Submit a ticket : Help Center.

Hi Shrutika,

Thank you for your response.

According to these links you can -
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There is also a section in my previous years ITR-3 - “TDS credit being carried forward” which has a non-zero value. And the corresponding income was also not added in previous years’ gross receipts (which is added in this years’ gross receipts).

Am I missing something?

Hi @nitish

It seems to be a typo on my end. Apologies for the same.

You can claim the same, however, the feature is not yet supported on Quicko.

You can do it from the income tax utility. In case you have doubts, you can Ask an Expert

Understood. Thank you for the clarification, Shrutika.