How long is the clubbing applicable for one time gift

If a husband gifts 50000 to wife and she does swing trades with it. The capital gains from those will be clubbed with husband’s income. My doubt is , does the husband has to club the income from swing trades every year or just the financial year in which the gift was given. Thanks for the help.

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Hey @Jaison

Clubbing will apply on income earned from shares bought from the money gifted by husband. In any other case, clubbing shall not apply and income from swing trading shall be taxable in the hands of wife only.

Thank you.

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If wife is doing swing trading with the gift from Husband, 50000 as capital, then will the profits be clubbed to husband?

Hello @Jaison

Yes, the profits earned from swing trading done from the capital of 50000 gifted by husband will be clubbed and taxed in the hands of husband.

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