How to declare 10E in the Quicko?

I have pending salary arrears for which I have already submitted a 10E form on the income tax portal. Now, as I’m filing my income tax return (ITR) using the Quicko platform, I’m unable to find the section where I can claim my deduction under section 89. Can anyone help me with how to claim relief under section 89(1) after already filing the 10E form in the Quicko platform?

Hey @koratnayan03,

Currently, Quicko (DIY) does not support the feature of relief u/s 89 for salary arrers.

Below are two alternatives to add claim relief u/s 89:

  • Quicko DIY: Prepare ITR on Quicko > Download JSON > Upload on IT Portal Utility > Add Relief under Section 89.
  • Quicko MEET: You can book a MEET, where a tax expert from our team can help you to add relief under Section 89, review the entire ITR, and file taxes for you.

Thank you for your response. I remember there was an option to download the JSON file, however, Currently, I don’t see that option available now.

Hey @koratnayan03,

If you’re filing ITR-3, the download JSON option will be available by tomorrow.

I’ve noticed that ITR-3 filing is available in Quicko with some essential plans, but I can’t seem to find the option to download JSON. Can someone confirm if purchasing Quicko’s essential one-time pass will provide me with the option to download JSON?