How to import sales & purchase invoices in Quicko GST?

How to import sales & purchase invoices in Quicko GST?

Hi @Nikhil

Quicko does not support importing invoices created on other platform/software.
You can create an invoice on Quicko and also share it with customers via email.

For more details, you can visit File GSTR Online | Create GST Invoices | Utilize Input Tax Credit | Quicko

@Shrutika_Shah thanks. But actually we create in excel file, is there any way please that we can upload monthly. This will be a great help, if needed we can pay this as an add-on.

Our requirement is very simple, upload invoices for sales & purchase monthly and file monthly returns.

Please help, I’m okay in paying for add-on.

Hi @Nikhil

We are working on the excel import feature. But currently, we do not support it. You can create invoices on Quicko instead of excel. It is very simple platform to create and share invoices and file returns.

Thanks for your reply. The issue is, we create invoices in our software. And if we have to create in your system also manually then it will be double work.

Is it possible to send your team the file and they can import it from backend? It will be helpful.

Also does your tool also allows to file annual return?

Waiting for help. Please.

Hi @Nikhil

Yes, we understand it will double your work. But as of now, we do not support the import of data. As soon as the feature goes live, we shall notify you.

Nope. DIY product does not support annual returns.
You can go for the MEET plan for the Annual return.