HRA amount shown wrong in form16 with PAN of owner. How to rectify this?

Actually, while giving details to my employer I added maintenance and electricity bills while calculating rent. But later I found this should not be added in HRA. As this amount is added in form 26AS of owner. He is asking me to pay extra tax. While I am asking him to mention correct rent amount and file his ITR.
What are possible solution for this problem?

Hi @Wests_Web

You can show the correct HRA amount (ie without maintenance and electricity bill) in your ITR.
But make sure the amount matches with the form 26AS for the owner.
If it doesn’t there are chances to get a defective return notice.

For any further assistance, you can Ask an Expert.

Actually, I already contacted with my employer. They said they will not file revised ITR.

Hi @Wests_Web

You can revise your ITR.

It is better to Ask an Expert and get your doubts cleared.