HRA exemptions error in ITR 2

I have HRA exemptions mentioned in form 16, when I am filing ITR 2 it shows error “exemptions of HRA shall not be more than HRA received or 50% basic” . Same thing I am filing in ITR 1 it is accepted. But I need to show my capital gains so have to file ITR 2. Please advise

Hi @Rohit_mohapatra

Please read about the House Rent Allowance (HRA): Rules, Exemptions, and Calculations - Learn by Quicko.
If you have capital gains you must file ITR 2 only.

Also, here’s how you can upload Form 16 on Quicko and import trades from your broker and easily fit your ITR from Quicko.

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Thank you. I read that HRA section earlier and did not find a solution or perhaps could not understand why the system is throwing error while putting my HRA exemption amount in ITR 2 . So thought to ask over here.
I am eligible for HRA EXEMPTION, as per form 16. Everything is fine if I am filing ITR 1 .but in ITR 2 it is throwing error