In the latest version how can I login using the zerodha broker details?

Earlier I used to login using zerodha broker login, now I cannot find that option in the latest version , why ?

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Hey @sohm0002,

You can log-in using your e-mail ID associated with Zerodha. Once you are logged in, you can connect with your broker and integrate the data.

Hi @Surbhi_Pal

I tried connecting to Zerodha to fetch my Fno PnL but it is not getting the details and showing 0 for all the details. Is this something related to number of settlements and do i need to purchase elite to file FnO transaction ?


You wouldn’t need a plan to import your data. Could you please uninstall the broker once by going to my apps?

If you re-connect, this issue should be resolved. If it persists, please drop an email to and the support team shall sort this for you.