Income from House Property

Suppose there is one House Property with 4 different floors and each floor being let out to different tenant. At the time of filing the ITR (ITR-2/3) whether the landlord should consider the same as a single house property and disclose the name/PAN, etc of 4 tenants or should it be considered as 4 different house properties assuming that there is no loan on such property and no municipal taxes also being payable in respect of that property. And will this disclosure change if there is some municipal taxes or interest to be paid on borrowed capital.

Hello @garg.pulkit131

Income from House property is to be calculated based on the registration of property with the local authority.

If there is a single purchase agreement for all 4 floors, then it will be treated as 1 house property and if there are different agreement and registration for all 4 floors, then it will be treated as 4 house properties and you need to disclose accordingly in the ITR.

Hope, this helps.


Thanks for the clarification!