Income tax return filing

My father suffered a stroke 4 months ago and he is still recovering. I found out that he has not filed his ITR for this assessment year. Is there any way to avail an extension of date for filing the return?

Hi @Rakshana_J, you can file a condonation of delay under section Section 119(2)(b) a statutory provision for condonation of late filing of returns in circumstances when the assesses could not file their Income Tax returns on time due to genuine hardship.

Let me know if you need face any further issues. :blush:

I am a full time intraday professional trader in share market business .

f.y. 20.21 ; a.y. 21.22 and f.y. 21.22 a.y. 22.23 .

GROSS INCOME is Zero . for both the above years .

All the transactions are 100% online bank . for both the above years .

Loss of around 4 lakhs . each year .

Turnover less than 1 crore , each year .

f.y. 20.21 ; a.y. 21.22 : i filed the returns in December 2021 . also received the tds refund in feb 2022 .

but . i forgot to file and declare the loss in the share market “business head” .

My Question is :

Instead of condonation request .

If i go via rectification "return data correction "

What is the difference?

@Sakshi_Shah1 could you help with this ?

Rectification Return can be filed when there is a mistake in the ITR filed that is ‘apparent on record’. If you have missed to report losses in the ITR, it cannot be classified as a ‘mistake apparent on record’. Condonation Request can be filed in case of delay in filing of ITR.

31st March 2022 was the last date to file Belated Return u/s 139(4) or Revised Return u/s 139(5) for FY 2020-21 (AY 2021-22). Thus, you cannot file the Revised ITR now since the due date has already passed.

You can try filing a Rectification Return on the income tax portal. If it is accepted, your ITR will then be re-processed. However, if it is rejected, you can file a condonation request for filing ITR after due date. If the reason is genuine and the Assessing Officer permits, you may file a revised return.

Read more:

Steps to file Rectification under Section 154 of Income Tax Act

Steps to file Condonation Request

My tax consultant informed me that some of the Forms for ITR Filing are still not available in the new portal of the Income Tax site.
When will the forms be available?

Hey @Nadia, the ITD is moving to the new IT portal, all ITR forms should be out shortly. However, there is no communication on the date so far.
However, you can read about the changes in ITR form for this year here:

Is it fine to pay directly online by selecting Challan No.300, and then provide the challan no. and acknowledgement on Quicko? Quicko has the separate option of “Pay Online”, after clicking it redirects to IT portal!

Please let me know!

Hey @Gaurav, have addressed it here

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i want to file rectification condonation for the a.y. 2021~22 , as i forgot to show the loss .
BUT , ITR portal is not allowing me to proceed ahead .
waht is the problem ?

Unable to file condonation request u/s 119 (2) (b) online as the request tab under this section is not available on my profile under services tab

@Sakshi_Shah1 can you help ?


You should be able to file a condonation of request for the following reasons:

  • Delay in submission of ITR-V
  • Allow ITR filing after time-barred

Based on your records, the available option shall be displayed on the Condonation Request screen in your income tax account.

If you’re unable to view the option, you can raise a grievance with the tax department.