Increase Authorised Share Capital

I want to increase authorised share capital but the AoA of my Company does not contain a clause for increasing authorised share capital. What should I do?

Hello @Sofiyah_Valiante

If the Articles of Association does not contain a clause to increase the authorised share capital, one needs to alter the AoA first, file it with RoC in MGT-14 and then file SH-7.

You can learn more about changing the share capital here:

Hope this helps!

Hi Aishwarya,

In have a very important query. Can you tell me what can I do if the form gets rejected? I have not got any refund from MCA yet. Only fees for memorandum was charged and there was no stamp duty. Requesting you to help me out. I can’t refile it. It’s a huge amount. Please help.

@Sakshi_Shah1 could you help with this ?

Hello! @Shristi_Nitin

To claim the refund, you can file the Refund Form available on MCA Portal. You can read more about refund related queries here - FAQs On Refund Process

Can you tell me how can I raise my company’s authorized share capital?

Hey @Sofiyah_Valiante

A company can raise it’s authorised share capital by filing e-Form SH-7 with RoC. It shall be accompanied by certified true copy of resolution and notice along with explanatory statement, and altered MoA/ AoA.

Hope this helps!