Indian employee ESPP RSU of Dutch company listed in US

Employer NXP is Dutch co listed on NASDAQ.
Dutch gov has DTAA with both US and India.
Dutch gov retains 15% of dividend as withholding tax.
Tax payer is Indian citizen, working out of Noida. Stocks are from ESPP RSU plans.

What should be the country in schedule FA - US or Dutch?
What should be the year to calculate dividend - CY or FY?

Schedule FA year is CY Jan-Dec
India FY is April-March
US FY is Oct-Sep
Dutch FY is Jan-Dec

Hello @lokesh_sharma,

The country to be mentioned will be the country in which assets are held hence it would be dutch.

Foreign income has to be reported based on Indian FY.

While reporting holdings in Schedule FA they have to be added as per the CY.

Hope this helps!