Integration with coin by zerodha and others?

As there’s an integration with zerodha, can we import trades from both Smallcase (for direct stocks) and Coin (for mutual funds) by Zerodha?

Both are made by Zerodha so how can we import trade from both?

Secondly, is there an integration with Et Money app? Because many options like National pension scheme, elss, and other options are available there so that is convenient also but confused on how it can brought into quicko income tax filing.

If not, I’d really appreciate if there comes one

Hey @Latesh_Bayad,

Your trades from Zerodha (Coin or Kite) are all part of your Tax P&L on Console. When you import your trades, your mutual fund trades from Coin are pulled and fetched in your tax P&L as well.

Currently, we have an integration with Zerodha, Angel Broking, Axis Direct from where your equity, intraday, derivatives and mutual fund trades can be imported. We are constantly working on integrating with more and more brokerages, investment & crypto platforms, banks, etc. to simplify taxes for you. Push from enthusiasts like you on social media will help us speed the process :slight_smile:

Glad to know. I think it’d be awesome if it can work with Et Money as well. It too has many options such as NPS, etc and gives recommendations so it is convenient.

I’d appreciate if you can integrate it.

Upstox, Groww, Etmoney, and INDmoney are commonly used as well So you can consider integrating them

Hey @Latesh_Bayad, we are in talks with a lot of brokers and a push from users like you on Twitter & other platforms will help speed up the process :slight_smile:

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