Investements vs stock

I have fno profits. I added it using zerodha. Quicko asked me to add balance sheet. Now this sheet has two boxes for investments - long term and short term and later another box for stocks.
I have niftybees held from 4 years. some qualify for long term some for short term. Where should i add it? will it be also considered under stock?

And another question, i had around 5L rupees lying in broker’s account as cash balance. Where should i put it in balance sheet? It is not Bank balance and neither it is cash in hand.

Hey @tallkoala,

The balance sheet will contain the details of your trading business, which includes intraday/F&O trading. Afaik, niftybees held for long-term will be considered capital gains whenever you sell them and you don’t have to report these in the balance sheet unless you are reporting your entire capital gains as business income.

This amount can be put under bank balance itself.