Is filing gst10 form and paying the penalty will it finally close gst

My father closed the business in 2018 . But the gst was not filed after March 2018 . And have been receiving tax due notice in email every few months . And in August 2022 that the gst was cancelled .

And now We got email notice this month to file gst10 and pay up the penalty if 10k.
Will paying this , will finally close everything related to gst.

My father passed away in 2021 and business gst is registered under my mother’s name .


Hello @Merciless_juggler,

A final return GSTR-10 needs to be filed when the GST number is cancelled or surrendered. After filing GSTR-10 your GST number will be cancelled and it will close everything. You will have to file all the GST returns applicable till the time GST number is cancelled. There is late filing fees and penalties for not filing the GST returns on time.

Hope this clarifies!

Even if is there is no business after March 2018 , what returns need to be filed?
How to proceed with this

Thanks for answering

Hello @Merciless_juggler,

In case of no business, Nil return has to be filed. Since your GST number is cancelled in August 2022, you can connect with your GST officer to know how you can proceed ahead.

I have filed my gstr10 and also paid the fine of 10k in 2020. When I go to GST portal it still shows my GST number as valid and with my other details. How do I stop this?

Hello @Silvio,

You can check in the profile if the GSTIN status is showing as cancelled. If not, you can connect with your jurisdictional officer for the same.