Issue with E-file

Tool is asking to fix assets and liabilities when i am trying to file. I dont have any of those. But it does not proceed to filing return.
Can you pls help

@Praveen_Bharadwaj I faced the same issue and contacted IT department for clarification about this issue last week. Filed returns yesterday successfully. From this year, mentioning Fixed assets is made mandatory. Means all your bank account(s) balance in total on the day end of 31-March-2022 should be your minimum fixed assets which should be submitted during assessment year returns.

I have e filed my IT return but have not e verified it. I want to make some amendments. Can I do that or do I have to first e-verify the original one and then file a revised one. Does your portal allow to submit a revised return.

If the above mentioned process has to be followed, please also advise if the revised return can be uploaded and verified immediately after verification of the original return.