ITR form selection process

Presumptive taxation for professional income(<50 lac) and taxation for capital gains(STCG & LTCG) …which itr form we need to submit ?

Hi @upudha ,

Considering the particulars of your income, ITR-4 would be applicable to you.

You can use the below tool to identify which ITR form is applicable in different scenarios:

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How do choose which plan is applicable for me to file the income tax through quicko…

  1. I have two form16
  2. Profits get from Intraday Short term realized from zerodha and angel broking
  3. income from saving account & others

Hey @sankar_joshua_J, from the details provided by you, you would have to file ITR 3. You could mail us your personal details at and someone from our team will get in touch with you to help you choose the right plan.

Which ITR form should i opt for salaried, capital gain and professional income?

Hello @Pooja_Digra

If you’re treating professional income as IFOS, file ITR-2 and if you’re treating professional income as PGBP income, file ITR-3.

Read more about which ITR to file.

I do Intra day + Short + Long Term trading, but I want to file ITR2, as I am not in business/profession. How to do it through QUICKO?

Hey @ZH1099,

Since Intraday is treated as speculative business income you should file ITR 3 and report all your short term, long term capital gains and intraday trades there.

You can simply import all trades from your broker account and Quicko will add them under the right income head as per the Income Tax Act.

this year i have filled itr3 for AY 2022-23. If next financial year i don’t have any speculative income will i have to file itr 3 only or i can switch to itr 2??

i lost in futures and options trading,i dont have any other income,i got some little amount in games craft(TDS is deducted).to carry forward my losses and TDS refund which ITR FORM is suitable for me.previously i opted for ITR 3

Hey ITR 2 is for capital gains while ITR 3 is for income from business and profession.
Both speculative business income which includes intraday trading and non-speculative business income which includes F&O trades needs to be reported in ITR 3. So if you have income from business and profession, you need to file ITR 3.

Here’s an article that you may find useful:

Hey Vishnu, income from F&O is considered non-speculative business income and hence it needs to be reported in ITR 3.

Here’s an article that you may find useful:

How to Change tax return form in Quicko as it showing ITR-3 , and i want to fill it in ITR-2

Hey Vikas, once you enter your income situation on Quicko, our platform automatically chooses the right ITR Form for you