MCA : RUN (Reserve Unique Name) for Company Incorporation

How can I change the name of my existing company?

Hi @Dixita

To change the name the, first, the existing company needs to reserve the name through ‘RUN’. After the name is approved, e-Form MGT-14 needs to be filed for alteration of AoA and MoA and lastly INC-24 for approval of Central Government for change of name.

You can read more about reserving the name of a company here:

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I have a problem with SPICe+ form filing. I have used RUN to reserve a company name ending with “LLP”. Now i want to apply for new DIN number and as suggested, i have to use SPICe+ to apply for it. But when applying in Part A, I selected new company(others) and at the bottom entered the approved name ending with LLP. But the system keeps throwing me an error message “* Enter the suffix as per the Company Type New Company (Others) selected” , so i changed “LLP” to “limited” and now it says that there exist another company (which i have reserved using RUN) with the same name. I am stuck here.I dont know what should I do. Pls help.


Hello @rahulchavan

In order to incorporate an LLP, you are supposed to file the form FiLLiP. SPICe+ forms are only to be filed in case you’re incorporating a Company. Since you have applied for the name ending with “LLP”, you can not file SPICe+ forms.

You cant apply for name of an LLP and go for incorporating a Company or vice versa.

Also, at the time of name reservation, the forms for LLP and Company are different. An LLP’s name is reserved using RUN LLP whereas a Company’s name is reserved using SPICe+ Part A.

Hence, you can go ahead with the approved name and file form FiLLiP. DPIN (Designated Partner Identification Number) will be allotted through this form and you don’t have to file any separate form

Here’s an article that will help you understand the process: Form FiLLiP for LLP Registration | Learn by Quicko

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