Mismatch in AIS data

I downloaded Zerodha Tax P&L and also the new AIS Annual Income Statment from incometax website. There is a small difference in sale value and purchase price for all the Equity trades. Not sure which one is correct.
Also, which expenses are allowed to be deducted from the equity sale/ purchase transactions while filing Tax Return.


@TeamQuicko please reply at the earliest

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I have the same issue.

Hi I have done a total investment of "Rs. 113994.3000 " to ELSS for FY21-22, I have downloaded this info from zerodha coin for FY21-22. But the complete amount is not shown in my AIS which I have download from income tax website. Is this some issue, can I still mention the whole amount while filing ITR.?

@Sakshi_Shah1 can you please help?

Hey @Sheirsh_Saxena

Yes. You can claim the entire ELSS investment amount under Sec 80C in the ITR. However, you must have a valid document as proof. Since the amount as per Form AIS is different, the ITD might issue a communication for mismatch. In response to it, you can provide the proof of investment.

Can I first submit feedback in AIS mentioning the complete amount and then fill ITR with the same amount , would that be better alternative

Hey @Sheirsh_Saxena

Yes. You can submit feedback in AIS and then file ITR. However, if you still receive a communication for mismatch, you must submit a valid response and provide a documentary proof so that your ITR gets processed with the entire deduction amount.

Thanks for the information. You guys are really helpful


Found mismatch between 26AS and form 16. Amount deposited mentioned in 26 As is incorrect

Hey, if you feel any incorrect information has crept in your AIS, you can submit that feedback online