Nil assets & Liabilities in ITR 3

I have a trading account with Zerodha & in the past financial year I withdrew my capital, hence closing balance was 0.
In the last filing, I had some capital in Zerodha & hence it was shown under “Balance with Broker”. In the current filing,since I have no funds left in my Zerodha account I wanted to keep assets as 0. But the Quicko platform says that Assets & Liabilities cannot be 0. Kindly help.

Hi @LG99

Since in ITR 3, a balance sheet is required to be reported, so you can mention your bank balance and keep other assets as 0 on Quicko.

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Hey @Shrutika_Shah
Thanks for the response. Just a follow on question:
So, I believe the mentioned balance should be same as reported in my previous ITR’s closing balance?