Not Able to Log Into Traces

I am not able to log into traces; I continously get the following message “Your account has been locked due to unsucessfull attempts, please try after one hour”. I have tried after more than an hour has passed, some times even after a day or two also. Its never worked, I am just not able to reset my password, or log into my account.

Has any one encountered this problem before,


Hey @attasseril,

You should try reaching out to the TRACES helpline number. They can assist you with this.

Helpline number: 1800 103 0344

Yes, I faced this issue and I had to rest my password to fix the same.

Hi @attasseril ,

I also encountered the same problem. Even when I tried the ‘Forgot password’ option, I was getting the same error :roll_eyes:
So I called the helpline number: 1800 103 0344 and they advised me to send an email to from your registered email ID. I have not received a reply yet but I will update this query when they resolve the issue.