Nri and stock market income

I am nri, investment in indian stock market, some long term profit and short term profit, TDS IS deductid, should I file tax returm, maximum profit in a year 50000

Depending on your situation you could get a refund since upto 1 lakh of LTCG is tax free for NRIs.

I too am NRI and have filed my tax return myself for many years. It doesn’t take long if all you have is interest, dividends and share sales. Depending on your income you may could get all of your interest and dividend TDS back too!

Hey @Jince_Varghese,

Yes, it is always recommended to file your ITR. As rightly mentioned by @Russell, you could be eligible for a refund as well.

Hope this helps!

Madam, I had a query as under:
I am an NRI and filing ITR for the last many Years.
I have couple of Years back started investment in indian stocks through NRE PIS Account and Zerodha Broker.

In my ITR being filed as an NRE, where should I be showing my Dividend Income from Indian Stocks credited into my NRE Account held in India?

Last Year while filing ITR, all my Dividend Income from Shares purchased through NRE PIS Account was shown in SCHEDULE OS INCOME FROM OTHER SOURCES under 1.aii - Dividend Income u/s 2(22)(e).

However some links on Net were mentioning that for NRI’s the Dividend Income should be disclosed under the column “Income Chargeable at Special Rates”.

Where should one be showing Dividend Income for an NRE while filing his ITR in India?

Please also note that all Dividends after 20% TDS are being credited into NRE Account linked for PIS Investment.


Let me connect with the team and get back to you in this.