NRI taxation for Exchnage traded funds (ETFs)

Hi, I am going this article for tax deductions for NRI account.
Am mostly interested in ETF’s
Can you please explain how much are the tds charges
Take an example; let’s say I invested 1 lakh and in 10 years, the total Amount got to 11 lakhs,
That is 10 lakhs in capital gains, if I sell all the charges, how much would be the taxes all together ?

Hi @Gopi_Kiran,

If the ETFs are equity-oriented, in the case of long-term gains, a TDS of 10% will be applicable.

Could you please confirm is this 11.96% for the TDS?

It was shown on ICICI direct and it seems they are charging 23.92% for ETF’s.
What I want to understand this is the tax from the government and it has be consistent across the Companies right ?

How would this be any different?

Could you please confirm for ETF’s, it’s only 11.96% ?

any update here please? @Surbhi_Pal