Online “Challan Correction” on E-Filing Portal

Various tax payments are made throughout the year and while making such tax payments, you must have come across the term ‘challan’. It is essentially a form that helps you pay taxes to the government.

Now, picture this, you’re using the E-filing Portal to submit your taxes, and you realize that you’ve entered the wrong details in the challan. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Earlier, to rectify any errors in the challan, you had to approach the assessing officer (AO) and place a request for correction of the errors in the challan. Further, you had to file a letter in the prescribed format and attach a copy of the challan paid. Too much, Right?

Worry not! The trend has recently seen a positive shift with the Income Tax Department introducing a user-friendly solution. Through the newly launched “Challan Correction” feature on the e-filing portal, you can now rectify certain errors in the challans online, reducing the hassle and time associated with this process.

Which fields can be corrected in the Challan?

  1. Assessment year: The very common mistake observed at the time of making tax payments is selection of the incorrect assessment year. People often mistake the assessment year for the financial year and the tax payment goes to a different year than intended. This problem is now resolved by this new feature, where the taxpayer can rectify the assessment year for which the tax payment is made.

  2. Specific Minor Heads: Challan Correction requests can be submitted exclusively for Minor Heads 100 (Advance Tax), 300 (Self-Assessment Tax), and 400 (Demand Payment as Regular Assessment Tax), along with their corresponding Major Heads.

However, currently, the feature only covers challans pertaining to A.Y. 2020-21 onwards. This means taxpayers requiring corrections for previous years will need to approach their assessing officer. Moreover, for corrections involving Minor Heads other than 100, 300, and 400, submission of challan correction requests to the assessing officer remains necessary.

Note: Here’s a time-sensitive detail to keep in mind: If you are making a change in the assessment year, your challan correction request should be submitted within 7 days from the day you paid the challan. Further, if you are making a change in the ‘Minor Head’ the correction request should be made within 30 days of paying the challan. If these deadlines slip by, and the window closes you will have to seek assistance by reaching out to your AO.

How can you submit a challan correction request on the E-Filing Portal?

  1. Login to the E-Filing Portal.
  2. Go to Dashboard > Services > Challan Correction.
  3. Click on Create Challan Correction Request.
  4. Select attributes for correction in the challan.
  5. Provide Assessment Year or CIN to create challan correction request.
  6. Update the details for correction and submit.

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Hi, how long does it usually take to process the online income tax challan correction request ? If I have to raise a grievance about the delay, should it be addressed to the AO or to CPC ?

Hey @RanS,

It usually takes 7-10 days for the online challan correction request to get processed. Moreover, you can address the grievance to the AO.

Hope this helps!

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