Onsite deputation salary tax deducted both in India and abroad

I was sent on deputation by my company to Australia in November, 2022. I spent more than 182 days in India, so I became a tax resident there and as per Australia Financial Year (July-June) cycle, I am tax resident here also. My company paid all my salary from November onwards in Australia bank account though it had two components - India Salary and Australia Salary. Income tax was deducted at source for total salary in Australia and for Indian salary in India too. So I paid double tax on the same income. Now my form 16, AIS and 26AS all contain details including my Indian salary component (which was paid in Aus $) like my total income in India and tax deducted on the same. How can I get my tax refund, Which ITR forms should I file so as to get this refund?

Hi @AB1

You must file ITR 2 in this case.
Since you’re a resident in India, your global income is taxable. Hence you need to report your Indian income and Australian income in your ITR.
For the TDS, you can claim the same whiling filing your ITR as it is reflected in your form 26AS.
For the Australian income on which you have paid tax, you can claim the foreign tax credits. To claim foreign tax credits, you must file form 67. Here’s a read on Form 67 : Claiming Foreign Tax Credit - Learn by Quicko for your reference.

Since you also have an Australian bank account, which is a foreign asset, you will have to show the same under Schedule FA.

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Hi Shrutika,

Thanks for the guidance! I understand the process now but need help in filing as their are some fields in Form 67 and in ITR where I need expert advice again. Can you or some other expert from your team help me in filing the ITR?

I have

  1. Salary Income in India and Australia (taxed twice)

  2. FD Income

  3. Income from Long term and Short term Mutual Funds and Shares

  4. Savings under section 80C

Can you please let me know how to reach you and your charges for filing the returns?

Thanks and Regards,

Amit Batra

Hi @Amit_Batra

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Do I need to include complete Australian salary in my ITR? Or the Indian salary component paid to me in Australia?

Hi @AB1

If you’re a resident in India, then your global income is taxable.
Meaning, you will have to report both incomes in your ITR.