Option to select 'filed already'

I’ve paid my taxes directly through ITR website, but Quicko still shows tax pending to be filed and penalty to be paid.

Please provide option to select manually filed or filed already to change status of filing to completed.

Hi @haritvsmurali, it seems that you have paid the tax but not added the challan details in tax credit section of the app. Once you do this, the information shall be updated.
Let me know if you need any further help, would love yo assist. :blush:

@Yash_Kaviya I’ve filed nil return (FY 20-21), so can’t retrieve challan serial without paying.
any way to close or mark this as done in Quicko?

@haritvsmurali, as you have not filed your return through Quicko, we don’t have the permission to change the status. But have you got your acknowledgement number when you filed you nil return?

Yes, I’ve got acknowledgement number. Is there a way to change my filed status manually now?

Also, consider including an option for this as it would help new users who joined after filing for that particular year.

Requesting you to check you messages, @haritvsmurali. Have sent a query there. :blush: