Post Office Joint account MIS interest


I have opened a joint account MIS post office with my mother?

All the interest is showing in her AIS.

Should it be taxed fully in her name or half in hers, half in my ITR??

Looking forward to your advise.


Hi @Ashwin1

Interest earned on joint accounts is taxable in the hands of the primary account holder.
However, there is no TDS on the Post Office MIS, but the interest income earned is taxable as per your tax slab, which is reported under IFOS. Further, section 80TTA entitles an individual to claim deduction of the interest earned on savings accounts held with a bank, cooperative society or post office, up to Rs 10,000. In case of senior citizens, this limit is enhanced up to Rs 50,000 as per Section 80TTB. These deductions may be claimed while filing ITR.

So I should show half of the total MIS interest amount in my mother’s ITR and half of the MIS interest in my ITR, correct?

I was concerned as all the MIS interest is shown in Annual Info Sttmt of my mother and no MIS in mentioned in my AIS.

Please confirm. Thanks.

Hi @Ashwin1

This is because it is taxable to the primary holder of the account.

Hence, if she is the primary holder, the interest is fully taxable to her.

Hope this clarifies.

This is a bit confusing since earlier you mentioned that ‘Interest earned on joint accounts are taxable in the hands of both primary and secondary account holders.’ which is also what I found in this article by Financial Express -

To clarify my question - My mother has a post office savings account. I do not have one. We opened a post office MIS account jointly and the interest is coming only in her passbook since it is opened through her PO savings account.

And post office site mentions - “(v) Interest is taxable in the hand of depositor.”

But what does depositor really mean here then? The post office account holder or the two depositors who opened the joint MIS scheme together.

Confused. Please help clarify.