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Let us know which Product Feature would you like to see go live first!

Product Features
  • Capital Gain Excel Template
  • Tax P&L Excel Template
  • Foreign Asset Schedule Reporting
  • HUF Filing
  • Directorship Details

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Comment below if you would also like to see any other feature which we haven’t mentioned above.

We have launched a completely revamped Direct Tax product to help customers with Tax planning & filing. Some of the functionalities are still work-in-progress, we will be making our excel template- Capital Gains & Tax P&L template live in the next few days where you can update your trade data.

Feel free to ask us any questions regarding the product features.

  1. Is Foreign Asset Schedule Reporting planned to be made available in time for AY 2021-22 filing?
  2. How can we report current holdings in unlisted companies for AY 21-22 filing?

Hey @kred ,

Thanks for your interest.

  1. Foreign Asset Schedule reporting is in our pipeline, we are looking at increasing requests of the same. If you need it on an urgent basis you can look at our assisted CA plans for reporting Foreign Asset Schedule.

  1. On Quicko, you can go to Filing > Additional Details > Director/ Shareholder details and add your shareholding details in unlisted companies.

Thanks for the quick response, Aakash! Appreciate it.