Proof of expenditure for house repair work

Hello Team,
I have a question that my late father have kept a flat and before selling it, i want to get it repaired. Now the issue is that for repair work on flat the local carpenter, welder and mistri and labour etc say they can’t give proper paper receipt of payment taken for work done and they are also not ready to accept cheque/online payment. Cost will be around 10k to 25k for different repair work. At the maximum they are ready that i can print an acknowledgement of cash payment done to them and they will sign on it that they have accepted cash payment for work done.

So can these acknowledgement receipts may be shown as proof for expenditure done on flat repair from capital gain after selling flat? If not then how to get proof of repair expenditure on flat repair?

Hey @raj50098,

Yes such an acknowledgement can be considered a valid proof as this is a genuine expense.

Hope this helps!

thanks for clarifying