Proofs for donations under section 80GGC

Is it required to submit proof for donation to political parties under section 80ggc while filing ITR? I could not see any option to upload proof/receipt for the declared amount

Hi @ujjwal

There is no need to upload any proof for claiming the deduction while filing your ITR.
However, it is advisable to keep all such proofs in case you receive any notice from the ITD.

Thank you @Shrutika_Shah

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No, it is not Tax to submit proof of donations to political parties under section 80GGC while filing your Income Tax Return (ITR). [Section 80GGC allows for a deduction of the donated amount from your taxable income, but the Income Tax Department typically does not ask for proof at the time of filing.

However, it’s essential to keep proper records and receipts of your political donations for at least 7 years from the end of the relevant assessment year. In case the Income Tax Department decides to scrutinize your return or seeks verification, you may be asked to provide evidence of the donations made.

To be on the safe side, maintain a record of the receipt or acknowledgement from the political party to whom you donated, along with bank statements or other relevant documents, even though you don’t need to upload them while filing your ITR.

i want to donate to this party !
will i get 100% tax exemption (old/new tax regimes) from my taxable income ?
what all documents should i ask from the donee ?

80ggc benefit : 100% tax exemption is available in old and new both tax regimes ?

Hello @HIREiN,

Under 80GGC, the donations made to Registered Political Parties can be claimed as a deduction. You need to check with the donee whether they are registered or not. You should ask for the donation receipt, and PAN as documents.

You will get 100% deduction under old regime but not in new regime.