Queries related to data mismatch in AIS (Annual Information Statement)

I assume that AIS will show all portfolio of equity transactions. My AIS has not shown all transactions. I have sold some of equity during the FY 2023-2024. However, only few is shown in AIS. how to correct?

There is an option to give feedback

Do I need to upload any documents during ITR Filing, such as Bank Statement, PnL from stock broker etc…?

In my AIS, not all share transactions (sold ones) during the FY have been shown. I assume all dividends paid also to be reflected. However, it is incomplete. Kindly advise.

Hey @michuanu2002,

Documents like your P&L statement, bank statements AIS, etc. are required to fill the appropriate details while filing the ITR. However, you don’t have to upload these documents if you are filing via the income tax portal.

Hope this helps!

I purchased GOI bonds (e.g. 689GS2025) via Zerodha Coin. I think these are from auction held by government.
I then sold them off in Zerodha Kite later on.

There is mismatch in AIS, so I’m trying to fix that.

  1. Is the “Debit Type” of the purchase of the bond considered “Market” or “Off Market”?
  2. Is the Security Class “Listed Debenture” or “Other Units”
  3. How do I calculate the “Fair Market Value”? Its showing 0 in AIS

I don’t know the answer to these questions , but just wanted to say that my understanding is that giving feedback on incorrect / incomplete AIS entries is voluntary and there is no statutory burden on the assessee to ensure that the AIS is correct. In my opinion, as long as you correctly report the income in your ITR , you should be fine. Hope some expert can confirm that this is indeed the correct legal position.

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My Bank had put my PAN in other’s account so excess TDS deducted.
I am asking bank to correct it, but even after six months they’re unable to do it.
It is related to 3 FY.

Hello @Atul_Pathak

You can report the same issue by submitting a feedback in AIS and mentioning the reason the transaction belongs to other PAN. Since the TDS does not belong to you, you shall not claim the same while filing ITR.

Once you submit the feedback on AIS, ITD will ask the reporting entity (bank in this case) to rectify the data and once it gets reflected it shall not be visible against your PAN.

Thank you.