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I want file I ITR2 , is there any way to avoid late fees

Hi @parveen_kaur,

The late fee would be ₹5,000 if the annual taxable income is ₹5 lakh or more whereas the late fee would be ₹1,000 if the taxable income is below ₹5 lakh. The late fee will be applied when the taxpayer files ITR after the due date of 31st July 2022 but before the last date of 31st December 2022, hence it cannot be avoided.

tax liability and tax deposited

Hi @samy111

You can read about the income tax dashboard here.

Hello @TeamQuicko
I am using old regime and want to carry foward some loss to next year but CFL in quicko does not show anything.

Total Income 8,00,993
CYLA (FO loss) 4,83,981
Gross income 3,17,012
Deductions 2,00,000
Net 1,17,012

I need CYLA to show 1,00,993 so my net will become 5L and rest of the loss can be carry
forward to next year. How to do this
Please help.

Hi @Vinay

FnO trading is a non-speculative business income. This loss can be set off against all income apart from your salary in the current year. Here’s a read on Tax on F&O - Futures and Options Trading - Learn by Quicko for your reference.

To arrive at the net taxable income, your losses are first set off and then the deductions are claimed.

Here’s how you can add Brought Forward Losses : Help Center on and can see the CYLA under Review > Tax Computation on Quicko.

What if I want to carry forward 2L of loss out of 4.8L to next year? How do I do that.
Quicko does not automatically carry forward loss to next year

Hi @Vinay

The losses which are to be carried forward after the set-off are taken care of by Quicko.
You can check the CYLA under Review > Tax Computation on Quicko.


During E-Verify ITR, I am getting OTP to my mobile number and I am entering correct OTP in the input boxes provided. But every time quicko is not accepting correct OTP and displaying error ‘Invalid acknowledgement number’.
Please resolve the issue at the earliest and let me know once the issue is resolved. Attached the error screenshot.

Generated OTP from https://eportal.incometax.gov.in/ and it worked.

Hi @Ravi

Thanks for sharing the feedback. We shall take a look into the issue.

Meanwhile, hope your return was e-verified from the ITD portal.

My AIS downloaded from the IT website shows correct data. Specifically, FD income according to AIS is 3 lac. But pre-filled data while filing ITR is showing just 1 lac. Should I edit that row manually and make it 3? Why was the remaining 2lacs not included in pre-filled data although correctly included in AIS? Thank You.

Hi @M_Sridhar

You should report the correct amount of the FD as per your bank statement. The AIS can have slightly different values, hence you can provide feedback also.
So, you can edit the same as 3 lahks and report the correct figure. The pre-fill might have had some glitches from the ITD.

Hope this helps.

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