Queries related to the Challan number

Got any questions related to entering the challan number on the tax filing app? You can have them solved in here!

I paid self assessment tax yesterday. The payment receipt I got on success would contain a unique CIN made of BSR code, date and challan number. We expect the challan number to be of 5 digits. On quicko itself, if I try to enter self assessment tax, it needs challan number to be 5 digits. But in my payment receipt, I got 3 digit challan number.

What do I do now? Any direction would be appreciated!

Hey @tanmay, enter 2 zeros before entering the 3-digit challan number that you have received. For example - 00123. Hope this resolves your query!

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oh ok, I was thinking on the same line but wasn’t sure if that was correct way to do.

Thanks so much, I feel a bit more assurance on that now :slight_smile:

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I see 5 digit challan number (starting with 0) in my form 26AS against self assessment tax paid, but in the returns uploaded on the ITR portal only 4 digits are appearing without first digit 0 while tax amount is same in both.

Will this create any tax credit mismatch in return processing

Hey @Ragz, no, this will not create any mismatch issue.

Thanks , I have seen in another thread that demand notice has been received for a similar mismatch of challan number .Tax credit reconciliation happens on the basis of tax amount shown in Form26AS or BSR code-Date of Payment -Challan number combination ?

Hey @Ragz, you will find the answer to your query from this article:

which option is to be used in case of response to challan number mismatch

  1. Demand is correct → Already paid and Challan has CIN [or]

  2. Disagree with demand → Demand paid and challan has CIN

Hi @Ragz, you should respond by saying demand is correct > already paid.

Ok, but when we use self-assessment challan to respond to Demand notice, the minor heads will be different

300(self -assessment) &
400( regular assessment)

Also Demand amount will be higher (as it will compute further interest) which will not be same as self assessment amount already paid

So, I am not clear if choosing Demand is correct will be a correct option

how can we select “demand is correct” when the error is only because of challan number mismatch and there is no such demand payble in actual