Queries related to TRACES Portal and Registration


How can I download Form 16 / 16A from TRACES?

Hey @HarishMehta

Taxpayers or deductee cannot directly download form 16/form16A, the option to download Form 16/ 16A has been given to the Deductor. So, if you need Form 16 / 16A for TDS deducted by your current or previous employer or deductor you will have to contact them for the same. There is no option available on TRACES whereby you can download it yourself.

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I do not have a TAN of my Deductor. Can I still register on TRACES?

Hey @Dia_malhotra

Yes, individuals can still register as a taxpayer on TRACES even if they do not have TAN of the deductor by providing:

• Assessment Year
• Challan Serial Number and
• Amount of tax you have paid

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In my Justification Report it shows an interest payable error whereas I’ve already paid the interest for that particular month According to the regulations what could be the reason for this?

Hi @saad,

According to regulations, interest payment default/errors may arise due to error in challan details , short deduction, short payment, late deposit of TDS amount. Here, you can file correction statement and revise the return.

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