Query on filling form 26QC

Hi Team,
I am paying rent over 50k and deduct tax every month @ 5%. Do I have to fill form 26QC every month ?

Hi @abhayraj07

Form 26QC needs to be filed by the tenant who makes a payment of rent to a resident landlord exceeding INR 50,000 per month as they are required to deduct TDS u/s 194IB.

The tenant can file Form 26QC within 30 days from:

  1. The end of the financial year or
  2. The day on which the property is vacated/ rent agreement terminated.

Read more about Form 26QC: TDS on Rent of Property - Learn by Quicko

I m trying to fill up form 26 QC in a new way (e-pay tax). I m able to enter all my details and landlord details and come to 3rd page

Now Rate at which deducted * comes as 5% . However Amount of Tax deducted at source * come as NON editable field which is NOT populated at all. IS this a bug … Any one else facing same issue… Any workarounds ?